Friday, August 19, 2011

Hubble - Hubble Drums

"Hubble's Hubble" actually serves as a soundtrack for images and video shot and filmed by the actual NASA Hubble Telescope. Fittingly, Hubble's music is a confounding mixture of spacy guitar and bizarre psychedelia. Entrancing and surprisingly challenging, Hubble makes music unlike anyone else, with his wild time signatures and tempos making the multiple guitar parts sound other worldly.

It can't be helped to think that this is exactly what Hubble intended to do, as such odd and complex music isn't simply stumbled upon. Oddly enough though, despite how calculated it all sounds, it seems so natural and so organic. It's a mish-mash of trance, guitar rock, and psychedelia, but it truly transcends that of a simple genre bending act. Hubble is seriously an artist that one needs to hear to believe.

Luckily, one can hear his mind-boggling guitar based music this November, when Hubble Drums drops on Northern Sky Records.

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