Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Announcements, Reflections, and Dizcovering Muzik: Volume 1 (Free Sampler)

Warning: Sappy anecdote on the way.

I started MuzikDizcovery back in June of 2009. I needed somewhere to place my suggestions of bands and songs that wasn't just via a Facebook status. At that point, the site was just for fun, and nothing that I expected to be too serious. Looking back on those posts, I can see my growth both in musical taste and writing style. To the change in taste, I can simply thank maturity, since as I grew older and more sophisticated (lolwut?), I desired more variety in music. The growth in writing almost never happened, as between the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010, my posts were far and few in between. Even when I felt like I wanted to post more, I just never felt the motivation to follow through.

In the spring of 2010, I signed up for a class that allowed me to work on any project I wanted to with a mentor for credit. I decided I wanted to restart MuzikDizcovery and work on improving my writing with one of my former English teachers. That is where I can say MuzikDizcovery truly began. I continued to build up contacts, as my hits continued to surge. I then began hiring staff, as Jeff, Chelsea, and Kyle Minton joined my team. Interviews started flowing in, mostly as luck, when I received my first 10,000 hit month in January of 2011. Labels and press contacts started trusting me with promoting their bands, as Earshot Media and Decoder allowed me an early copy of their record. From there things kept building up, to where we are now.

Early this morning, I hit a milestone. One hundred thousand page views. This number begins in July of 2010, when I finally started taking MuzikDizcovery very seriously. This number also doesn't include any of my own page views, as the number would have been at least twice the current number without that restriction. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to hit this number. And there's no one else to thank but the people who continue viewing the site and clicking on my link.

So with that, I am pleased to announce MuzikDizcovery's first free sampler, Dizcovering Muzik: Volume 1. The sampler will include the best bands we've covered here on MuzikDizcovery, both signed and unsigned. The full (unofficial) track list can be seen below, but some of the bands that will 100% be on the sampler are Hellogoodbye, Sister City, The Pattern Traced, and Again, For The Win, as well as exclusive new tracks from The Offseason and Meadower. These are only a few of the names that will be on the sampler, as plenty more names will be announced within the next week.

Dizcovering Muzik: Volume 1 is my way of giving back to all of you for helping the site grow bigger and bigger over these last two years. The whole sampler will be available on Bandcamp for free starting on Monday, August 15th, with the link to be announced soon. The current track listing for the sampler can be seen below, and will be updated as bands get added on the MuzikDizcovery Facebook page.

I start college in a couple weeks, but that does not mean the site is almost finished. I plan on expanding further and further, making the site more accessible to users and increasing the content at the same time. I'm still looking for new writers, and you should email me if you are interested. I'm also looking for people to help with design, and those interested should also email me. MuzikDizcovery is going to be a premier, well known music suggestion site, and I promise you that now.

Hellogoodbye - You Sleep Alone
CityCop - X
Sweatshirt Weather - Open Up The Sky
The Pattern Traced - Crush
Sister City - Eff That
Meadower - Wires (Exclusive)
Red Bellows - three.six.five

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