Monday, October 14, 2013

Watch This: Hellogoodbye - "(Everything Is) Debatable"

The evolution of Hellogoodbye has been fascinating: while many of its synth-pop peers have been pulling in more electronic directions, the band went in the opposite direction on 2010's lush but organic Would It Kill You?, and on its upcoming third album Everything Is Debatable, its two spheres of influence finally meld into one hugely satisfying whole. (Look for our review of that album in the upcoming weeks.) The band has just released the video for its single "(Everything Is) Debatable," and it's a surprisingly spooky affair, finding frontman Forrest Kline floating in the air in a variety of settings: above a quiet forest lake, amidst the radiant glow of the sun, and in an isolated room, for starters. The video leaves things open to interpretation and elucidates a number of possible meanings. When Kline can only skim the surface of the pond he's hovering over, is he stuck there, only able to experience life removed from it all? When he slowly ascends towards the sky, is he being abducted or set free? Is this enlightenment or exorcism? The song raises these questions too, squiggly synths and guitar lines stolen from Bikini Bottom all tinged with urgency, but the video goes beyond. It touches on the supernatural but in doing so illustrates themes of relationships, honesty and intimacy that are powerfully human--and the same can be said for what Hellogoodbye is doing with its catchy, thoughtful tunes.

Everything Is Debatable is available worldwide on October 29. Find more on Hellogoodbye on the band's official Facebook page.

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