Saturday, October 5, 2013

Artist of the Day: Sunny Day Real Estate

Sunny Day Real Estate was the highlight and pinnacle of the shortly lived second generation of emo, that graced the early '90s. The aggression and energy of the first wave of emo, fronted by bands such as Fugazi and Cap'n Jazz, was replaced by pure emotion and soft-loud dynamics. SDRE were a band that defined this evolution of emo music; one that treaded the lines of post-grunge very well.

Fronted by Jeremy Enigk, whose airy and sometimes other-worldy vocals were a showcase, SDRE captured pure emotion and heartfelt in their songs. While Enigk's words were often indistinguishable and drawn out, they complemented the light guitars. When the songs reached their breaking points and flooded with distortion, Enigk's wailing were  as necessary as they were powerful.

After many break-ups and reunions, the band is now currently inactive and a rumored fifth album has yet to show its face. For fans of cathartic emotional music, check out their debut album Diary, and remember to hold yourself together.

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