Sunday, October 6, 2013

Artist Of The Day: The Slims

Travis Atria and Colin Whitlock are renaissance men; together, they are The Slims, a soul duo from Florida with a bunch of ideas and the know-how to execute them well. Though almost everything on the group's new full-length, Slowpoke, was performed, recorded, and produced by them, the resulting concoction sounds like the collective work of a good dozen people. There's an adventurous bent to the songwriting, with the band drawing from a bunch of influences: reggae on "Ain't No Rush," surf rock on "She's Talking" and a touch of gospel on "Hymnal." Also worth noting is the fact that The Slims share a member with Morningbell — Travis Atria, whose expressive, sensual vocals fit in nicely here. He also brings a more-is-more ethos to his other project, as even in a chilled-out setting like Slowpoke's, the music is always shifting, eager to head for new pastures. This is a group to keep an eye on.

Stream Slowpoke below and find more on The Slims at the band's Facebook page.

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