Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Artist of the Day: Jon Hopkins

Despite his resounding success with Immunity this year, the Jon Hopkins bus seemed to pass me by. Not through ignorance, at least mostly not: it's just a lot of great electronic albums come out every day and Immunity just seemed like one more on the pile. Lots of people like him, but so what? Why should I care?

The answer to the second of those two arrogant questions came seven hours into Simple Things festival when Jon completely outdid a line-up full of some of my favourite artists. His mostly midi-controlled set saw an old firestation packed like a sardine tin completely fall in love at the same time - so much so a woman turned round to me on hearing the word "disappointing" (I was talking about another artist) and asked what the f*ck I was on about. If I wasn't a good foot taller than her she would probably have floored me as well.

A very good show with a very bassy set then, so I suppose it would be fitting for me to start working through his reputedly excellent discography. This has included a very recent film score for How I Live Now, which is entertaining despite containing a bit too much teen-angst rock (if a term ever made me feel old, this would be it) for my tastes. In any case, he did a fantastic job; it looks like my love affair with Jon Hopkins is set to be a life long one.

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