Sunday, October 20, 2013

Artist of the Day: The Chariot

Goodnight my lady, and a forever farewell. Georgia's chaotic metalcore torchbearers the Chariot are about to hang up their hats, embarking on a huge final tour before they disband. The four-piece play the most relentless and mind bending metal they can, twisting between more technical mathcore and straight up thrashing full-power riffs. Their intense live show will leave you feeling awestruck. As one of the most important and caustic artists in the genre today, the Chariot stands as a monument to metal core's past, present and future.

After vocalist Josh Scogin left Norma Jean, the band released their debut Everything Is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding. Performed live and unmastered, the album heralded a metalcore sound that was raw yet captivating. After a short stint with the Unsung EP, The Fiancee took this sound to another level with a more calculated and processed sound that still struck all the right chords. Wars and Rumors of Wars pumped out another album of ear-piercing tunes which was most recently superseded with what many would call their opus in One Wing. With throwbacks to previous songs and hardcore leanings, riffs drop in and out of blast beats and grinding chugs.

The Chariot produces music that some might straight up call noise. With explosive drums, stop-start time signatures, thumping bass and throat-numbing vocals, The Chariot put their all into every single second of their performance. Guitars squeal and buzz with the urgency of repair, but are continuously hammered on until the album is over. Expect to headbang violently, then stop as the syncopated distortion takes a u-turn, then resume headbanging. If you're looking to get into the Chariot for the first time, just listen to their discography in no particular order. Starting with One Wing may be the best as it has their most recent developments and an accessible sound between heavy punk and metal, though you don't need to pick and choose to experience their metallic wonder. No matter where you start, you can't go wrong.

After ten years and countless shows, it's obvious to see that the Chariot gave it their all. Their 5 albums are flawless with a poetic urgency in the vocals, full of wonder and meaning. If they're coming to your city, be sure to check out the Chariot on their farewell tour this fall. It will sure to be loud and raucous revelation. Long live the Chariot.

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