Sunday, October 27, 2013

Artist of the Day: Baroness

Savannah, Georgia's Baroness is one of metal's most interesting acts that are currently making music. With three wildly successful albums under their belt, the future only looks even brighter for the sludge/alt-metal group. Baroness play a style of metal that can be accessible to even non-metalheads. Their music is melodic and even falls in the area of alternative at many points. The vocals are rich and powerful, and the guitars harmonize perfectly together. The group's three albums (Red, Blue, and Yellow & Green), each have a distinct theme and attitude about them that makes them stand on their own, yet they are all recognizable as Baroness' work.

After a tragic bus accident last year, the group is continuing on strong, even after the departure of their bassist and drummer. Thankfully everyone survived the accident, and while the band took well deserved time off, they are touring once again and moving forward. Keep your eyes on what they'll do next, because I'm sure it'll be another interesting chapter in the band's career.


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