Monday, October 14, 2013

Artist of the Day: Ariana Grande

"Are you kidding me?" some of you might be saying. "Why the hell are you featuring an artist like Ariana Grande? She sucks, right? Tell me she sucks." The one problem with that idea: she doesn't suck — far from it, in fact. Sure, her debut album Yours Truly is syrupy and safe, but it's still beautifully executed pop and cheesy '90s R&B. Just listen to standout "Baby I" and fall in love with the simplicity of the three-word chorus. Alternatively, try the smoky, glossy "Tattooed Heart" and let the luscious timpanis and strings take you away as Grande croons sweetly in the foreground. One of the most surprising outcomes of the year, Yours Truly is a wonderful album, one that should not be missed by any pop fans, and Ariana Grande has taken the first step in the direction of proving herself as a legitimate artist.


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