Monday, July 22, 2013

Jukebox: Nitri - Green Giant

As much as I hate to use worn-out terminology to describe music, Nitri's "Green Giant" is an absolute stomper. Everything about it screams "murdering the dancefloor," and it's constructed so that it can be a perfect catalyst for getting the crowd going. The crashing snares fit the tone of the piece well, and in conjunction with the menacing, mammoth bassline they work near perfection. The piece sounds of classic jungle, with the classic B-movie sample and simple yet lively drums pushing the atmosphere towards that well-known sound. However, Nitri puts enough of his own spin on things to make the tune his own, something not often seen in the DnB world. The phasers are oh so carefully crafted, the raggedy sound effects are deceptively fine-tuned, and the entire thing makes for a fun and energy-packed experience.

Stream the song here


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