Thursday, July 18, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Starship Amazing

Let's hear it for keeping chiptune alive. Starship Amazing, an Anchorage, Alaska-based duo, has just released their debut LP, Ruby Dagger, and it's a wonderfully befuddling and trippy take on some sort of synth-pop/chiptune hybrid which works out about as well as you could hope. Over the course of the album's nine songs, Starship Amazing creates beautifully spaced-out chiptune-y soundscapes which reverberate beautifully over the ethereal texture of clicky drums and wailing synths. The duo's self-described "happy pos-vibes funk-jams" are light, airy, and really enjoyable, and the album comes highly recommended. Watch this blog for a review of the album in the near future.


Listen to the album here

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