Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Lovechild

Hot off the presses! Cerce is dead. Long live Lovechild. Following the band's lineup change that saw the departure of former vocalist Becca Cadalzo, the hardcore/powerviolence phoenix born from the ashes last week is Lovechild. Fast, angry and full of energy, Lovechild channels the same vibe as their previous band, but with a seemingly more aggressive edge.

Upon changing their name, Lovechild released the EP titled Demonstration. The three-song jaunt clocks in under three minutes through blast beats, buzzing distorted guitars and a furious array and yells and screams. If you're familiar with Cerce, the sound is pretty reminiscent of the band's last split with Stresscase. However, Lovechild forgoes the slow rhythm and groove in lieu of the abrasive harshness of machine-gun snares and stop-start guitar slashing. Whether these songs were previous Cerce demos retooled with new vocals or completely new ideas spawned off the cuff of Cerce's name change, one thing is clear: the songs are poignant and pissed.

There hasn't been much information regarding the events surrounding the name switch or the lineup change, but sometimes it's best to keep private matters private. Until the band releases new music, you can stream and download Demonstration from their Bandcamp. You can also buy it on cassette from Heads Up Records here. The band will be playing The Fest 12 in Gainsville this October, with a probable tour surrounding it in the near future. If you're wondering what's going on with any unreleased Cerce tunes, the band will posthumously (if that's what you would like to call it) release their full-length Adieux later in the year. But for now, Lovechild is just getting started.

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