Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Sampha

Sampha is probably currently best known for his prevalent vocal work (as well as some production and writing credits) on SBTRKT's self titled album as well as a member of his live band, but with the release of his official debut solo EP he should start being respected as an individual artist. Dual, released today, gives us a first impression of his artistic vision. His soulful voice is on full display, and is definitely the forefront of the project, but the production supports it perfectly. Piano is a weapon of choice for his beats, but the most interesting tracks are the two that don't end up relying on it. The driving drumbeats on "Without" give the most similar feeling to his work on SBTRKT, while the layered vocal samples on closer "Can't Get Close" create an ethereal mood that could easily be likened to an angelic ride through the sky. While some work is needed to create a stronger, more cohesive product, Dual is simply the beginning on what should be a respected career for this up and coming vocalist and producer. You can stream a few tracks from the EP on Sampha's website.

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