Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Artist of the Day: Backtrack

The New York hardcore scene has always been at the forefront of heavy music, churning out multiple legendary bands over the past few decades. Currently, no band in said scene is as important as Backtrack. The group's debut album, Darker Half, is a relentlessly unforgiving attack on the ears. Never letting the listener catch a break, Backtrack barrel through almost 20 songs before letting the album come to a close. Despite being a hardcore band, they are extremely accessible and are not entirely polarizing to people who may not enjoy heavier music.

Their live shows are even more intense than their recorded music, with a crowd that is just as energized as the band. Backtrack shows are truly a community effort, like hardcore began as. The band needs the crowd as much as the crowd needs them. Being true NY hardcore, the band will hopefully continue the city's legacy in the scene for years to come.

Backtrack and currently in the process of recording their second album and will be announcing tour dates for their upcoming fall tour with Stray From The Path on August 19.


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