Sunday, July 28, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Minks

Minks has gone under a pretty incredible transformation in sound over the last three years. Based on the release of the first three singles from the upcoming record Tides End, the dreamy, reverb drenched sound of the band's debut By The Hedge is all but gone, replaced with a more straightforward and focused sound. Everything packs far more of a punch, from the newly clear and intelligible vocals to the tightened up instrumentals focused on doing more than just creating a wall of sound. The choruses are huge and it's obvious that Tides End is going to be a far more accessible record, with the ability to make the impact that Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils and DIIV have made in the last couple years. Check out streams of "Margot" and "Painted Indian," and definitely preorder the record if you enjoy those tracks!

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