Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jukebox: City and Colour - Of Space and Time

Dallas Green might just possess my favourite singing voice of all time, and I know I’m not alone. Since the 2004 release of Watch Out! by the seminal Alexisonfire, Green has built a reputation as an angelic vocalist, so much so that it was no surprise to see him leave the brash post-hardcore heavyweights and begin a solo career that focused on soft acoustics and his key attribute; his voice. His solo releases thus far have undisputedly proved one thing - he doesn't need to be juxtaposed against the ferocious growls of former band-mate George Pettit in order to excel and amaze. A voice alone, however, wouldn't be enough to carry any artist, and fortunately Green possesses the song writing ability to confidently back it up.

2011’s Little Hell moved away from the established stripped down sound of his early releases in favour of varied instrumentation, catchier hooks and lyrical maturity, and “Of Space and Time” seems keen to follow the trend. As expected, we are treated to layered instrumentation, a gorgeous chorus and Green’s trademark ethereal delivery. But it’s what’s below the surface of “Of Space and Time” which really catches the eye. Through the lyrics, we see Green display sincerity uncommon for artists as big as he, as he questions where he truly belongs - “I’m trying to find, my direction home,” all the while unsure of where home really is. Coming to something of a resigned resolution at the end of the song, we’re told “I will not call this road home, though it is all I know.” Bearing his artistic soul in such a manner makes him easy to connect to on a personal level, and the topic is so relatable that he feels as much a voice for the masses as he does a genuine human being.

City and Colour are due to support Biffy Clyro on their massive 2013 stadium tour, and it seems inevitable that Green’s stock will rise even further in the coming months, especially if he maintains his penchant for delectable melodies and relatable motifs.

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