Saturday, March 30, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Anamanaguchi

Do yourself a favor and go watch the video embedded below. It's the music video for Anamanaguchi's new single, "Meow," and it's insane. For those of you too lazy to click the Play button and wait for four minutes, what essentially happens is the four guys in the band go into some sort of demented arcade, join four different "cult"-type groups, die, and get reborn into a live show. It's insane, it's confusing as hell, and it's utterly brilliant. That's the style characteristic of Anamanaguchi, though - the chip-rockers most famous for creating the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World The Game have made an admittedly short career a worthwhile one with their hyper-fast, continually-sugar-high music. Everything they create is a shot of pure, distilled energy, and listening to their music is always a joy if you're in the mood for smiling. Their upcoming LP, Endless Fantasy, looks to further their success, if "Meow," the album's lead single, is any indication. This reviewer will most certainly be looking forward to the release date, for there will be only smiles when the play button is finally pressed.

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