Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jukebox: Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold VIP

It should come as no surprise to Muzik Dizcovery readers that I'm a huge fan of deep, dark dancefloor drum & bass. In the past, I've featured this style of DnB with posts about those like EastColors, Rene LaVice, and the NeurofunkGrid/Ammunition Recordings compilation Talents LP Vol. 1, and it's a given that I'll be all over any release like these whenever it comes out. With that said, Mutated Forms' "Best Served Cold VIP" is everything I could want from the darker side of drum & bass. Structurally and conceptually, the song is pretty much standard-fare for the techstep genre in which it resides, but Mutated Forms executes every single element of that techstep style with incredible quality and attention to detail. The synths are absolutely brutal from start to finish, sounding of everything good from the techstep world with their ominous growling. The drums do what they're supposed to - that is to say, be loud, be ticky, and try not to draw too much attention, as everything in the song deserves note. The bass is heavy, just as techstep basslines probably always should be, and it sounds perfectly in line with the rest of the song. Finally, the occasional vocal samples add greatly to the deep, dark feel of the whole experience. Mutated Forms has done everything right on "Best Served Cold VIP," and the original "Best Served Cold" has been transformed into even more of a dancefloor banger of sorts - and in this case that's a very good thing.

You can stream a clip of "Best Served Cold VIP" here.


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