Friday, March 15, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Hookworms

Much of the recent hype surrounding Hookworms has centered around their supposed association with the 'new psych' scene, an umbrella which also covered last year's poster boys Toy amongst others. Attachment to such a dubious movement, however, doesn't do justice to a group who've emerged with one of 2013's strongest debuts, having spent the past three years simmering and pruning their sound to near-perfection. A mind-bending, mushroom flavoured combination of Spritualized's spacey exploration, Neu!'s krautrock dealings and My Bloody Valentine's sonic terrorism, Pearl Mystic is the type of accomplished, cohesive statement many band's spend their whole careers striding towards. Characterised by the persistent throb of bass and an intentionally murky production, it's a record which could eat its way into your conscience like the small, parasitic creatures their name depicts, albeit in a decidedly more consensual, not to mention pleasurable manner. If they have to attributed to a scene, then surely it's that of their hometown Leeds; one that's experiencing something of a boom, and may well have produced its finest outfit to date.

Pearl Mystic is out now.


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