Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Conquering Animal Sound

Much of the recent focus in Scotland's electronic music scene has centered around Glasgow trio Chvrches; understandable given their excellence, not to mention this week's release of new EP Recover. What their emergence has done, however, is overshadow the return of Conquering Animal Sound, the city's other great electronic exponents whose new album On Floating Bodies merely underlines the worth first showcased on 2011's Kammerspiel. Comprised of Anneke Kampman and James Scott, the duo achieve the rare feats of being intelligent without sounding pretentious, and quirky without becoming an irritant, something that's in no small part down to the ideal correlation of their respective talents. With a stuttering style almost reminiscent Bjork, the former's voice adds a distinct human element to their otherwise otherworldly music, her thick regional brogue decipherable atop a carefully pruned collage of samples and electronics, even with layers of digital manipulation. It's a sound that's perhaps best sampled on fresh cut 'I'll Be Your Mirror,' a shimmering ambient landscape that's akin to countrymen Boards Of Canada, and one which proves precisely why they and their new record are worth your time.


On Floating Bodies is out now.


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