Thursday, March 28, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Possibly the most well-known indie band around the world alongside Modest Mouse and Bon Iver, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs nevertheless still have their same quirky charm in 2013 as they did over a decade ago. From their self-titled EP and Fever To Tell, though, they've advanced quite a ways with their songwriting, and lost a bit of their punk origins, and 2009's It's Blitz includes more electronic than any of their other albums combined (which is still essentially zero). The recent single off of their newest album, however, portrays a nice compromise, echoic electronic effects over a garage-rock styled, head-bobbing melody, along with excessive lyric repetition in true Yeah Yeah Yeah's style ("Maps," am I right?). An interesting addition to Mosquito's "Sacrilege" is the gospel-like choir towards the end of the song, which sounds incredible due to the way you can vamp on and expand off of a repetitive line in gospel music. The song is a great change of pace for the band, and it brings interesting foresight to the rest of the album, which comes out April 16th.

Further updates are posted pretty consistently on their Facebook page and their own website.

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