Saturday, March 9, 2013

Artist of the Day: Clem Leek

Clem Leek first caught my eye as part of Black Elk, who released an album called Sparks last year which turned out to be pretty damn awesome (#18 on my end of year list). The south England lad's been pretty busy since then, with the ultimate result being two rather tasty EPs since the beginning of 2013. One took a slightly experimental path parallel to Sparks in a modern-classical-come-ambient way. The other is entirely different, and more than a little difficult to come by.

Released on the wonderfully informal Brian Records, Rest seems more like an afternoon's session of slow guitar jams than a full record. The 17 minute duration is occupied with the most restrained form of emotional post-rock: a minimal collection of ambient buzz and a handful of guitar tracks. Clean, calm and beautiful would be the best way to describe it -favourite of the year so far beautiful, to put it in context- but with a limited release of only 40 vinyls and a small stack of CDs, beauty can't be for everyone.

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