Sunday, May 26, 2013

Artist Of The Day - Letlive

Letlive provided post-hardcore fans with a rare dose of excitement in 2010 with the release of their second album Fake History. The hype was such, that you could scarcely enter a Letlive discussion without comparisons to Glassjaw and their seminal album Worship and Tribute being raised. Although these contrasts are often refuted, the fact that they’re even being made reflects favourably on the Los Angeles quartet, and many deem Letlive worthy of enough praise to be considered genuine contenders for post-hardcore eminence. It seems likely then, that if Letlive build on Fake History convincingly, the argument will be even more difficult to discredit.

With no new single officially due for release from new album The Blackest Beautiful until June 4th, many wonderfully grainy and distorted live copies have surfaced of the album’s final track “27 Club.” The little that can be gleaned from the low quality versions is all positive: the screams of front-man Jason Butler quash any fears of the band mellowing, the crunching riffs recall the heaviest moments of their debut, and the energy of the band has, if anything, increased. If you’re as excited as me to hear what The Blackest Beautiful might sound like, then check out the glimpses shown in the video below.

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