Friday, May 31, 2013

Artist of the Day: Jon Hopkins

Although a distinguished artist in his own right, it's fair to say that most know Jon Hopkins through his collaborations as opposed to his own work. Some may claim this undermines the Londoner's credentials, but the sheer breadth of acts he's worked with puts paid to such theories, with Coldplay, Brian Eno and King Creosote just some of those who have benefited from his input, while numerous others have undergone the remix treatment. Many would even regard Diamond Mine, the 2011 LP spawned from the Creosote-Hopkins partnership to be the highlight of both men's careers - although that assertion may find itself challenged by the producer's fourth solo offering.
A sonic representation of a wild night out, Immunity's first half may come as a shock to those who've discovered Hopkins through such hook-ups. Building expertly with "We Disappear" before the euphoric release of "Open Eye Signal," these opening stages present a multicoloured, sweat-drenched masterclass in club-friendly techno, proving utterly exhilarating even without the aid of alcohol or strobing. What follows is the inevitable comedown; the blurry mass of emotional exhaustion depicted perfectly in the glacial expanses of "Abandon Window" and the harrowing Creosote-featuring title track - the Scottish singer's fragile falsetto shimmering on a blissful yet spectral cloud of ambiance. Nightlife portrayal is hardly a new concept, but Hopkins has arguably executed it better than any on a record which should at long last see him steal the spotlight for himself.


Immunity is released on 3 June. You can stream the record in its entirety here.

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