Monday, May 13, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Royal Teeth

It's not always a bad thing to make light, airy indie pop that's fun and catchy. While it's technically not the most "mature" decision a band can make, oftentimes the result of this ear candy can be quite positive. Royal Teeth is a great example of indie pop done right, as their claim-to-fame single "Wild" is a perfect display of how indie pop should work. The sing-along male-female duets, the percussive lead melody and the upbeat drums all contribute to a work that probably could have been a "summer anthem" of sorts last year had it found its way onto alternative radio. What's more, the Louisiana-based sextet's debut EP (off Dangerbird Records) is a hidden gem in the danceable, fun world in which it resides, and signals great things to come for the band. The group's debut album, Glow, will be released on August 13, and here at Muzik Dizcovery we are rather excited for the promises the album could hold.

You can watch the video for their lead single "Wild" here, and there's a link to a free download in the video description.


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