Thursday, May 23, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Sombear

We spoke with Now, Now way back in November, and drummer Brad Hale let us know we would be hearing an album from his solo project Sombear sooner rather than later. Well, we finally have a song, title and release date for this album, as Love You In The Dark will be out July 23 via Trans Records. Hale posted up the title track for the album, an emotionally powerful synth pop track featuring a minimalist beat and vocals heavily edited with a vocoder. The dissonant synths in the bridge help communicate his inner struggles and suffering, while the entire song still feels stripped down and natural even while a multitude of effects and computerization are used. It proves to any naysayer that even electronic based music can feel relatable and real. I'm excited to hear what this album has to offer, and you should be too, so follow Sombear on Facebook for all the news on the album.

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