Monday, May 20, 2013

Artist of the Day: Symphonic Pictures

Press releases tend to be loaded with ludicrous proclamations, but if you can wade through the barrage of empty endorsements and overhype you can every so often stumble upon one which holds some grounds. The piece concerning the self-titled debut EP from Newcastle-based Symphonic Pictures is a classic example; its vaunted language seeking exposure for a release which is in fact very much worthy of recipient's time. Sure, the first sentence - "some bands simply sound like they were destined to play together" - is overly romanticised, and the suggestion that these four songs will prove timeless is optimistic in the extreme, but claims the quintet have arrived fully formed and are punching well above their weight may not be entirely wide of the mark. It's a hell of a statement, but it's one which becomes feasible once you've laid your ears on their record; it's swathes of guitars, strings, synth and sax seamlessly weaved into a psychedelic delight remarkable in both its accomplishment and melodicism. Having already secured slots supporting the likes of Toy and Moon Duo, a wider breakthrough might just be within their reach - and at the very least Symphonic Pictures will shoot them up the pecking order in an increasingly thriving regional music scene.


Symphonic Pictures is released on 10 June via Cottage Industries. You can stream and pre-order the EP here.

Official website

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