Sunday, May 12, 2013

Artist Of The Day: You, Me, And Everyone We Know

You, Me, and Everyone We Know has been surprisingly prolific over the last few months. The band, now back to being a solo project of Ben Liebsch, "broke up" in mid-2011 after issues between Liebsch and the other band members, and while Liebsch insisted the band would go on, a year and a half without touring or new music felt like the end of the group. In late 2012, Liebsch released a new EP titled A Great Big Hole, focused on the issues he went through during those difficult times. The EP was decent, but didn't live up to the heights that So Young, So Insane and Some Things Don't Wash Out reached. However, it was still nice to hear Liebsch's voice and witty lyricism again.

Last week, Liebsch released the honestly titled I Wish More People Gave A Shit, a return to form for the currently very active project. "I'd Contribute More Dead" features a seamless tempo change and could very well be one of the best written songs that Ben has written. "Better Men" is the other highlight of the EP, containing a massive hook and Ben squawking his heart out in one of the more passionate segments of a song he's done. While uke ballad "The Winds Won't Change" is a throwaway and it's still disappointing to have a lack of the brass that gave Some Things Don't Wash Out its fresh and unique sound, I Wish More People Gave A Shit donates a few more excellent songs to the band's still growing discography, and hopefully Liebsch will continue on churning out new songs to keep us all satisfied. He may be coming to a city near you with Squid The Whale and The Orphan, The Poet, so check out all the tour dates and more on his Facebook page. You can also stream and download A Great Big Hole and I Wish More People Gave A Shit on Bandcamp.

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