Saturday, January 12, 2013

Artist Of The Day: We Were Skeletons

Despite releasing an incredible album this past October, some may think that We Were Skeletons are the unsung heroes of Topshelf Records. Although they play a style of post-hardcore similar to much of Topshelf's roster, We Were Skeletons also blend groovy and twangy guitars reminiscent of many emo acts. The twinkle-core sound is unique, refreshing, abrasive, and astoundingly cohesive. Songs often focus around a heavy riff, which progress into a toned down, contemplative atmosphere accompanied by tight bass lines and head-bobbing drum beats. The resulting music is familiar, yet special; after a couple of listens, you'll wonder why you've never listened to the band before. Ultimately, you'll realize that We Were Skeletons released one of the best albums of 2012 and that the music is absolutely brilliant.

The band's most recent work, Blame & Aging, is We Were Skeleton's most focused work to date. Instrumental interlude tracks such as "Blood Tongue" and "Pain is Not the Cleanser"  keep the heavier tracks, like "Long Night," from being forgettable. The instrumental title track stands out for its spectacular composition and the ability to evoke emotions such as sadness and regret without containing any lyrics. When We Were Skeletons deliver a heavy track, they pack a wallop.  "Disease Artist" relies on some oddly-tuned chugging and exasperating vocal deliveries that shows the force We Were Skeletons really is.

The band's self-titled album harbors a much rawer production, featuring the same screamo-style vocal delivery and noodling riffs that make Blame & Aging so successful. The less-refined album is still just as stunning as Blame & Aging, with tracks like "Bruce Willis is Dead the Whole Time" and the seven minute long "This Destroys Us" rivaling the greatness of legends like Fugazi.

If you are a fan of screamo, post-hardcore, emo, or just about any band on Topshelf's roster, you owe it to yourself to check out We Were Skeletons. The band is easily one of the best and most hardworking groups, upping the post-hardcore ante with Blame & Aging. We Were Skeletons deserve to be much bigger than they are, but maybe their closed-knit fan base is exactly what they need. For now, listen to Blame & Aging and enjoy the well-kept secret that is We Were Skeletons.

You can stream or purchase the new album on Bandcamp or on 12" vinyl at the Topshelf Records web store.


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