Thursday, January 10, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Scraps of Tape

Rarely has a band ever stuck to their sound as well as Scraps Of Tape. While the math-rock / post-rock band has added a larger emphasis on vocals in their more recent releases as well as producing higher-quality audio, the feel of each of their albums has been essentially the same. The core of the band's success is creating melodies to funky time signatures that attract the listener's ear and carry some emotional meaning with it; with four releases filling their repertoire, their most recent effort Resident Flux adds vocals to the already-proven formula and simply adds another dynamic layer to the intricate audio. The result is slightly easier for new listeners to relate to, but stays true to the band's original style.

This Is A Copy Is This A Copy (2007)
This record is a really fantastic record. The sound quality was increased from the debut tenfold, it features heavily emotional tracks that border on post-metal, and really marks a point of musical maturity for the band. They hit everything exactly right, "Death As It Should Be" introducing the album in an incredible way, the entirety of the album has powerful swells and depressingly moody dives, and it closes with a 10-minute emotional rollercoaster of a track, "Why Marcus Oh Why." The entire record is incredible and definitely warrants picking up and looking at.

You can look up the band's recent news and records on their website, and all of their records are on Spotify to stream for free!

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