Monday, January 14, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Copeland

If I could choose one band to fall in love with earlier than I actually did, Copeland would likely be my choice. It's an enormous regret of mine that I didn't really get into the band until the middle of last year, nearly three years after the band parted ways. The worst part about the breakup was that Copeland is a band which had improved dramatically with every album, transforming from the raw, relatively simplistic Beneath Medicine Tree to the gorgeously arranged You Are My Sunshine. However, it may very well be Aaron Marsh's vocal growth that launched the band to a new level. His impeccable control of his upper registers as well as the ability to sustain notes put him near (if not at) the top of vocalists in the scene. When also considering his songwriting and lyrical skills, he was one of the best frontmen out there. Marsh hasn't disappeared completely, singing on songs by Sleeping With Sirens, The Morning Of, and Fair (amongst others) and producing a couple records. Marsh is also part of a group called The Lulls In Traffic, but the band has done pretty much nothing since their formation. However, let's hope for new Marsh material this year, whether it's The Lulls In Traffic, guest vocals on tracks or even another new band. The band's second best album Eat, Sleep, Repeat will be released on vinyl in March, so keep your eyes out for that.

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