Sunday, January 13, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Gozu

Kick-ass stoner rock has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Whether it's Kyuss chugging out sludgy riffs, Red Fang LARPing on "Prehistoric Dog," or Priestess shredding on "Lay Down," it's always been a really fun genre. New England band Gozu is somewhat new on the scene (forming in 2008) but they've quickly made their mark. They've just released an excellent new album, "The Fury Of A Patient Man" on Small Stone Recordings that epitomizes everything I (and many others) like about stoner rock. "Irish Dart Fight" is a ridiculously catchy song with its straight-ahead drums and sludge-laden guitars, and it's a great example of what the band can do. Opener "Bald Bull" is one of the best songs on the album, mostly because stoner rock works really well in 6/8 time but also because its infectious power chords beg anyone listening to headbang right along. Plus, its solo shows off the chops of guitarist Doug Sherman, an excellent guitarist who fits the band perfectly. Gozu seems to be destined for great things, and they're a treat to listen to.

You can stream their new album on Bandcamp here.


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