Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Chroma

Although they are a supergroup of sorts, Chroma hasn't suffered through most of the problems associated with most supergroups in the music world. The drum & bass trio (Phobia, Sato and Tyrone) hailing from the Northeast U.K., Chroma has had an impressive slew of releases in their two years of existence. They've released on huge labels like Renegade Hardware, Commercial Suicide, and most recently Ram Records' fantastic sublabel Program Music, and they've come out with some seriously good tunes over their short lifetime. Of special note is "So Alone," one of the best DnB songs of 2012 in this humble reviewer's opinion, which is a rolling, driving monster of a tune. It's soulful, with its melancholy synth lines and its reggae-styled vocal sample, but at the same time it's got brutal drums and a wicked bassline that mesh perfectly with the soul stylings of the rest of the piece. Chroma is going to be a name to watch in the future, and with a track set to be released on a new Renegade Hardware EP alongside the likes of genre legends BTK and Cern, it's clear that big things are already coming to the trio.

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