Monday, December 24, 2012

Album Review: Burial - Truant

Album Rating: A-
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the world
Not a headphone was silent, with the same sound heard.
Just the clicking of music blogs ever refreshed
In hope that Truant had finally been pressed.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While the echoes of Kindred danced round in their heads.
As after weeks of waiting with no leak to come
It appeared any chance for this listen was done.

When out in the net there arose such a clatter
My laptop sprung open to see what’s the matter.
I scoured the blogs for all that’s to see,
And found a new Burial waiting for me.

With a click and click I was on Rapidgator,
While assuring myself that I’d buy the disk later.
The headphones dragged quickly from under the bed,
To spend no mere shortage of time on my head.

No movement was made for hours in case
It distracted from all the percussion and bass.
So still for a very long time I stayed
Because it was among the finest he’s made.

Truant was the first to be given a chance
With its early era hints of garage and dance.
Small cuts of his influences, and sounds from all round
Were all likewise treated when in dubstep they drowned.

Stripped down so with Burial’s old cannon it fits
With a slither of Basinski thrown into the mix.
As with bass beating loud and the samples all creeking
It perfectly captures that end-of-times feeling.

Rough Sleeper however is a whole different story
Starting loud as to mirror the past in its glory.
Both happy and sorrowful feelings do meet
Driven on forward by a quick 2-step beat.

All of those frightened by this jollier tone,
will struggle to find any reason to moan.
As with additional bass and a cowbell led chorus
This happier mood soon unravels before us.

There’s reason to think it’s the most upbeat he’s been,
The track is kept busy like no other we’ve seen.
Short keyboard notes and calm female voice
Stray peppered with subtlety, which seems a wise choice.

So this Truant EP offers tracks old and tracks new
A mixture of styles on which you can chew.
As this is Burial; it would never have been bad,
But imagine the reaction of the net if it had.

Just relax then, dear reader, there’s no need to fray
It’s another list-topper from the artist of the day.
So from myself and from Burial, as I need to shout:
“Happy Christmas to all! Now I’m going out.”

1. Truant
2. Rough Sleeper

Purchase! I'd get this on vinyl, it sounds so much better.

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