Sunday, December 23, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Mogwai

On MuzikDizcovery, one might hear of Mogwai just a bit too much. However, our job is to keep you, the reader, informed on recent music news, and if there's anything Mogwai has been in the past couple months, "active" is most certainly a good word to use. The band released a compilation of remixes; A Wrenched, Virile Lore was commissioned by the band themselves from other artists such as post-punk project The Soft Moon, space-rock band Zombi, and drone's Tim Hecker. The album was fairly well received, and definitely helped bring new, altered sounds of the famous post-rock band into different genres. I particularly enjoyed Hecker's rendition of "Rano Pano," with drone being something I'm not particularly used to, while the Soft Moon cover of "San Pedro" wasn't really a far cry from the original track, so it was much enjoyed as well.

However, it's the new EP that will bring a lot of attention to the band in late 2012 / early 2013. According to Clash MusicLes Revenants is an EP that Mogwai was commissioned to "construct a soundtrack to French series 'Les Revenants'." The EP consists of four tracks, most of which are fairly low-action, similar to the Earth Division EP the band put out last year. "Wizard Motor" attracts interest being fairly upbeat; "Soup" is a bass-heavy, one-minute interlude; "The Huts" is a haunting piano-and-drum centered piece; and "This Messiah Needs Watching" features an organ laying down melancholy chords while a xylophone rings out a melody, echoic and depressing. Sounds on par with what we'd expect from the band. This EP will be seeing a physical release sometime next month, but it has received its digital release already, so keep an eye out for it.

Visit their site here to keep up with further updates.

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