Sunday, December 16, 2012

Artist Of The Day: 3LAU

There are two popular ways to do pop mashups. The first is to squeeze in as many songs as possible in a short amount of time. Whether it's DJ Earworm's United States Of Pop, Madeon's Pop Culture mashup, or this eight-minute mashup of 2012 pop, a well-done mashup of this style is often hugely popular and, especially in Madeon's case, can make a career. The other style of mashup is a bit simpler and less immediately impressive. This style is fitting some pop vocals over another song for three or four minutes, and while that may not seem as cool as smushing 50 songs into eight minutes, it can be incredibly impressive nonetheless. 3LAU (pronounced "Blau") is an example of the latter school of pop crafting. Probably most famous for laying the vocals to "Call Me Maybe" over Porter Robinson's huge progressive house tune "Language" (here), 3LAU has quite a few excellent mashups under his belt. Whether it be mixing party destroyers "Internet Friends" and "Toulouse" with Rihanna and LMFAO (Modern Talking), putting Adele and Axwell together (Set Fire), or throwing Ne-Yo and Kylie Minogue on top of his own work (Back To New), it seems as if everything 3LAU touches turns to pop gold, as evidenced by his huge tour across North America this fall. If you find mashups like these attractive, 3LAU is absolutely worth a try.

You can "Like" 3LAU to download his excellent mashup album Dance Floor Filth 2 for free here.


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