Thursday, December 6, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Krewella

In an over-saturated genre of American wobbly electro (brostep, if you will), Krewella have stuck their heads above the mob and achieved fame in a genre where that fame is difficult to obtain. The complextro trio  (Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man, to the fans) made waves with the versatility of their sound where most artists end up sounding very similar. Their Play Hard EP, their biggest release to date, shows off this versatility quite nicely. The group of producers go from straight brostep (One Minute) to pump-up drumstep (Killin' It) to excellently-arranged progressive house (Alive) to 110-BPM electro house (Can't Control Myself, my favorite off the EP), keeping the strands of the EP together with aggressive, slightly-vocoded vocals from Jahan and Yasmine that fit well over the wobbly sounds of the instrumentation. The group has been tearing up the festival circuit all over the U.S, playing major timeslots at Electric Zoo and Global Dance Festival, and headlined their own "Play Hard Tour" across the country this fall. Krewella have already accomplished huge things, and it looks like the only direction they'll be going from here on out is up.


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