Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Young Statues

Young Statues may be a little bit of a misfit on the punk oriented Run For Cover records, but that hasn't harmed them from growing in popularity and getting on some fantastic tours in 2012. It doesn't hurt that Joe Marro from The Early November, a well respected figure in the scene, had taken them under his wing and managed them. Taking  them out on The Early November's reunion tour didn't hurt the band's growth either, as this first big tour for the band ignited their steady gain for 2012. Based on recent events, 2013 may be even bigger for this very young band.

The band just recently released a cover EP, containing songs originally by influences and favorites of the members such as Ryan Adams and New Order. It's tough for anyone to cover songs by artists as well known and acclaimed as these, but Young Statues succeeded with flying colors. The band's momentum just keeps on going, as the band also has a brand new EP (produced by The Early November's Ace Enders) out in March. They've been playing a few of those songs at recent live shows, and from what I heard of the tracks, there's definitely less of the alt-country influence from the self-titled album and it leans more towards a more rocking feel. At the same time, the band sounded the most focused they've been yet. We should be hearing more about that EP soon, so keep your eye out on the band's Facebook page. We also have an interview coming with the band later this week, but for now you can download the band's new Christmas song for free download.

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