Monday, November 26, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Noisia

It's difficult to sum up the colossal impact that Dutch drum & bass trio Noisia have had on the electronic music world as a whole in a few sentences. Since bursting onto the scene about ten years ago, Noisia have basically gone all over the spectrum of labels, from dark to heavy and back. They've released off of Metalheadz with a minimalist, intensely dark style, they've released off of Ram with a brutal, drum-heavy tone, and most recently they've released off of Mau5trap, of all places, with a more "standard-fare" approach to drum & bass and dubstep. And they've crafted some insane tunes to boot: practically anything off of their first and only full-length, Split The Atom, goes hard and doesn't let up. Even their older, darker tunes, like "Strange Owl Experiment" and "Facade," still keep a heaviness not seen too often in the neurofunk and techstep of the day. You don't know DnB without knowing Noisia, and they're an excellent starting point if you're looking to get into the genre.


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