Monday, November 5, 2012

Artist Of The Day: K Será

I've written about K Será in this space a couple times now, and it's been a little over a year since we spoke with them. Since then they released a solid little EP titled The Cantos ii, and are now following it up with their first full length album, due out early 2013. For now, we have our first taste of studio footage, including some fantastic Casey Crescenzo (The Dear Hunter) mandolin playing. Crenscenzo produced the album, and from the clips we've heard so far, there's some definitely Dear Hunter influences on K Será's already cinematic sound. My one complaint from the EPs was that there didn't seem to be much variety in sound, but based on the clips, there seems to be a tad wider sound on this album, something desperately needed for a 10-12 song LP that isn't as important in EPs. We'll get our first taste of Collisions and Near Misses next week, but for now, you can watch the studio clips here.

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