Friday, November 30, 2012

Artist of the Day: Mice Parade

Indie is a genre that has so many connotations, because it's so versatile. Take Modest Mouse and Bon Iver and compare the style of their music, and just try to come up with common characteristics. I mean, we could always go with timbre - guitars, intimate vocals, and ehh... There's not too much else there. The versatility of indie's become a part of modern musical culture, though, and this much becomes clearer through time. One indie group who is damned great at what they do is Mice Parade, utilizing a variety of instruments to convey their message as accurately as possible. Vibraphones, pull-offs on guitars and other instrumental playfulness shows how experimental the group can be while still adhering to their fans' expectations.

We're on the dawn of a new era for Mice Parade, too. Early 2013 sees the release of the group's next full-length Candela, and it's quite the delight. Through pretty simple song structures and odd vocals, the group sets themselves apart from the crowd. However, there's also the occasional track where they display proficient Latin instrumental prowess, or a mathy edge which Foals fans would enjoy. It's all in the name of experimentation, and those looking for boundaries pushed have their antidote for musical boredom right here.

Check out Candela when it hits shelves on January 28th! And in the meantime, follow the group through other means:


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