Thursday, November 15, 2012

Artist of the Day: Japandroids

Japandroids is a fun band. It's hard to say that about artists that take themselves too seriously, but Japandroids releases material that is easy to listen to, not too over-produced, and has a raw sound that has a carefree vibe to it. The band released their second full-length this last June, and it's a work to be remembered. Not in a solemn way, either; it's a record that you listen to and enjoy thoroughly, nothing withheld, and in doing so, cheer yourself up, bring yourself around to have a good time. Songs like "Fire's Highway" and "Adrenaline Nightshift" bring lots of energy to their repertoire, which is a strong suit for the unrefined garage-rock band, and they really bring out the kind of performance a live show might bring out, but leaves it to be accessible on your phone or iPod, any time you want it. And after three years without a "real" release, critics were just as excited as fans; the lively track list was commended all around and the album was received with acclaim. It's not a surprise, though; one listen will tell you exactly why it was received so well, and why this lo-fi noise-rock duo strikes it well with so many people.

To listen to the album, you can stream it for free on their Polyvinyl Records page.

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