Thursday, November 22, 2012

Artist of the Day: Iain Morrison

I don't know much about Thanksgiving. All I know is it means the British man must write because apparently he doesn't get to join in. Something about turkeys and some kind of weird event where all the stores are transformed into fighting arenas the day after... I haven't a clue. Anyway, no worries: I have a new favourite singer-songwriter to accompany me as I wallow in a state of equal parts loneliness, confusion and -on the part of the music- general wonderment.

Iain Morrison's music lies on the more instrumental, well-produced spectrum of acoustic singer-songwriters: with far more emphasis placed on instrumental refrains and the gaps between words than the lyrics themselves. His pieces are exceptionally atmospheric (the record label feels the need to inform us that songs were recorded in both the U.S. and Scotland... *gasp*), but it's the soft yet rustic vocals -which sit perfectly in the fuzzy, acoustic nest- that make Iain something to remember. The whole package sums up as incredibly polarised in its effort to be lovely, and it works, because right now I want to sit down and listen to it forever.

I'll probably go and like the guy on Facebook first, though.

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