Sunday, July 15, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Aerials

I know I've covered the band before, but Aerials just keeps popping up with more and more material. Christoffer Franzén is Aerials, a one man post-rock project based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and he tends to be fairly back and forth with his releases, as well as his release dates, doing a lot of promotional free streams for limited periods of time, which really helps him garner a lot of interest in the band. The latest song he's put up is called "Reanimation," a very cinematic, heavenly sounding track that combines the brightest and best tracks of the post-rock world into a song that puts the listener in the clouds, floating alongside their fluffy white majesty, looking down over reflective lakes and lush, green mountains. It's a beautiful place that only Aerials can truly bring you to, and Franzén does it perfectly.

Keep an eye out for new Aerials songs on his SoundCloud, as well as his Facebook for song and album news! You can also find much of Aerials' previous work on the SoundCloud page, so take a look at that too, since it's all free streaming.

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