Monday, July 30, 2012

Artist of the Day: Little Gang

In this modern age of hyper-communication, is it fair to claim that individual countries retain a kind of unique, musical feeling? It's something that certainly comes to the forefront with Little Gang: blending the melancholic tendencies of the Scandinavian band with the emotional naivety of US-born frontman Jacob Snavely. In their recently released debut, Half of Everything, this international mix is highlighted by the constant struggle and sway of the album's mood. From happy to sad, laid back to energetic: it never quite manages to find its feet yet it's this inner turbulence that makes it one of the most interesting Alt-Rock albums of the year so far.

"Evert's Song" demonstrates this most evidently, as it's impossible to say whether this almost lyric-less track is uplifting or not. It bops along in a carefree manner, sure, but it never solidifies it's position to one mood: leading to some very confused listeners. Although this is confused in the welcome, enticing manner as opposed to the post-trauma kind, thankfully. Alongside this tonal ambiguousness, Little Gang set sail with a style that bleeds Scandinavian-Folk but shifts to a childhood-Christmas blend of warmth and magic. The kind of cuddly goodness that, along with Snavely's deep, soporific vocals, help carry you into sleep. It's a style so powerful and inviting that you're forced to put down the debut's various shortcomings. The album itself is definitely worth checking out, but it's the future of the band that's worth getting excited about as they hammer out the last few dents in their sound.

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