Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Artist of The Day: Medal for Merit

I am somewhat saddened to say that because of work, weird family situations, and not having anyone crazy enough to spend more than two hours with me, that I haven't been able to visit any of our gorgeous American beaches this summer.  I feel like I should have missed the young drunk women who fell for me just because I say I am Neil Armstrong's Grandson ("It is your patriotic duty to round the bases with me,) I feel like I should have missed body surfing on waves so big, beautiful, and blue, I feel like I should have missed the random games of Cornhole, Volleyball, and "smear the (now homophobic slur), and I should have missed the unique feeling of relaxation that comes once every six to twelve months in our chaotic and hectic lives.  The main reason I haven't missed the beach this summer is because when I listen to Medal for Merit I feel like I am already there.

Medal for Merit's New Years is a portable trip to the beach: it combines the acoustic guitar work of Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and Jimmy Buffett with the lyrics and songwriting of last years ultimate beach band Armistice.  The instrumentation on the album creates a laid back yet "anything goes" atmosphere that you would only see at the beach, the vocals feel are as smooth, soft, and soothing as your first walk on the softest beach sand, each song flows together and passes the time better than a ten minute swim under the clearest of waters.  The magic of New Years isn't in a particular song, chorus, verse, or lyric, it is in the fact that the whole album flows together so well that it just seems like one nine minute and 40 second story.  It is a nine minute 40 second story that can transport you to the beach on just one listen: it is a story where you can ride the biggest wave without escaping the comfort of your bed, where you can walk on the softest bed without actually deciding to move, where you can be the cornhole hero without actually knowing what the hell  cornhole is, and you can relax without having to pay a small fortune to relax.  New Years is a portable trip to the beach and one that anyone should be able to enjoy.

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