Friday, July 27, 2012

Album Retrospective: Dimlite - My Human Wears Acedia Shreds

Album Rating: B
Dimlite tends to create a bit of a divide in the instrumental hip-hop genre, and it's because his music has always represented what the genre’s capable of with no restraint. His most well-known release Prismic Tops is a complete clusterfuck of ideas, for instance; its inherent lack of memorable melodies has always dissuaded potential fans. As soon as an alluring musical phrase is about to be fully established, Dimlite shifts the ground underneath it completely, turning the equation upside-down to avoid a sense of staleness. While bold, this approach can’t establish a connection with the listener; there exists a more ideal balance, one which the Swiss producer has yet to meet.

Of course we can’t expect his formula to be perfect, but on Dimlite’s latest EP it’s much more tangible. My Human Wears Acedia Shreds (yeah, not a damn clue on the title’s meaning) is a huge step in the right direction because it’s constantly an exciting listen, and this is finally achieved without altering song structures every other measure. There exists a feeling of coherency that’s rejuvenating, and it’s immediate from the opening track “Kitty Cradle Fog” – its opening builds further and further, leading into beat that’s both memorable and funky as hell. While the track continues to flourish, it takes routes that weren’t exactly anticipated, but doesn’t exactly try to sweep us off our feet, either. This is the core of what exactly My Human… is all about, a hip-hop producer growing up and gaining significance.

There are many styles that Dimlite touches on with his latest EP, each one courteously catering to the next. For instance, “Gone-O-Tron” possesses a lethargic jazz vibe that’s reminiscent of BADBADNOTGOOD on their day off, armed with a Rhodes and some cigarettes. “Metal Snake Rider” is the laid-back type of track only produced by someone with enough confidence to pull it off; its strengths lie between each of the percussionist’s unassuming ghost notes, in a leisurely swagger that we Dimlite fans aren’t quite familiar with yet. That’s why “Loins” is the surprise that it is, a track wholly focused around a fairly straightforward drum lick. Sure, the track sways towards electronics and then back to organic terrain before long, but overall it’s a pretty subdued listen.

My Human Wears Acedia Shreds lasts through the initial listen and makes a most remarkable impression. This is what Dimlite’s discography has been lacking, something that’s bold enough to stand the test of time. Granted, this is only an EP, but if its visible changes aren’t a step in a promising direction then I don’t know what is.
1. Kitty Cradle Fog
2. Gone-O-Tron
3. Metal Snake Rider
4. Loins

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