Sunday, July 8, 2012

Artist Of The Day: Dikembe

The boys in Dikembe have been friends with MuzikDizcovery for quite some time, allowing us to conduct one of their first ever interviews, as well as donating a track to our fantastic free sampler Dizcovering Muzik: Volume Two. So when their long awaited new album Broad Shoulders was finally put up for preorder, I had to bite immediately. The album is a fantastic continuation of the gruff emo sound that the band began to showcase in Chicago Bowls, and it shows Dikembe varying up their style ever so slightly. This still young band has a very bright future ahead of them, and the release of Broad Shoulders should only expand their very devoted fanbase. You can preorder the album on vinyl on their Tiny Engines page, and every order comes with an immediate download of Broad Shoulders. I also suggest ordering the package deal with Wavelets' most recent record Athaletics. Wavelets features the vocalist and bassist of Dikembe, and was one of the best "twinkly" emo records of 2011. It's a must have if you enjoy Dikembe.

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