Sunday, October 2, 2011

MuzikDizcovery Exclusive: These Branches "Purist" Stream

New Jersey's These Branches aren't big on equivocation. The Payoff, their most recent release on DIY label Kat Kat records, doesn't exactly leave a lot of (if any) space for it. Less than a dozen minutes are burned as the duo utilize their blitzkrieg approach to blast through four punch-packing tracks of raw, unfiltered punk rock. Band members Nick Hertzberg and Bryan Batiste make full use of each and every breath let loose on The Payoff, effectively voicing their discontent on anything from sleazy band promotors and manipulative friends to the uncompromising expectations of society. It's made quite clear that the system just isn't working for them, and the release marks the twosome's most recent effort to alter that fact. But something bigger than disappointment lies beneath these tracks. As the grievances regarding a disillusioned industry and failed relationships are sequentially aired, it's obvious that these two are absolutely loving their roles as condemners. With every ounce of dissatisfaction on the EP comes an equitable amount of pure satisfaction - the sort of gratification that goes hand in hand with being unequivocally in love with what you do every day. And that's exactly what Hertzberg and Batiste are doing with their time here. For these dudes, every waking moment is an opportunity to make music with friends, and the attitude on The Payoff shows this. They've paid their dues to an oppressive society. The Payoff is the sound of those dues paying back.

Stream track 'Purist' from the new EP exclusively here on MuzikDizcovery, and look out for the full stream on their bandcamp, as well as pre-orders for the 7-inch via Kat Kat in the very near future.
Purist by These Branches

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