Sunday, October 9, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Fighting Fiction

Social conscience is something which can be used in virtually any genre of music, but for me, at least, none convey it as well as good ol' fashioned punk rock. The tradition started back in the late 70's, most notably with The Clash, and is upheld to this day by acts such as Frank Turner, The King Blues and - more recently still - Fighting Fiction. This earnest Brighton four-piece may not be reinventing the wheel sound-wise, but in this case the familiarity is welcome, since their brand of punk is among the most likeable and relatable varieties of music out there. Fist punching anthems and singalong choruses can still bring a unique thrill when done correctly, and excellent singles 'We Will Not Forget' and 'Rock And Roll Is Dead And It's Corpse Is For Sale' clearly show that this young band have developed the knack of perfecting such tried and tested formulas. Their debut LP still doesn't have a concrete release date, but once it does surface it's sure to set the heart racing, as well as attract more punters to their excellent live shows.

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